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Corporate Social Responsibility

While the term “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” is widely used today, the concept behind it is not new to Chevron. Our responsibilities to those who use our services, to our employees, to the communities in which we live and work, and to our shareholders are voiced in our Credo, and have guided employees of Chevron for several years.

Accordingly, Chevron’s “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” policy is rooted in the companies core values of quality, reliability and trust guided by international standards and best practices, and driven by our aspiration for excellence in the overall performance of our business. A strong sense of social responsibility is, therefore, an integral part of our value system.

We are committed to contributing to the society. Chevron Clinical Lab has numerous programs devoted to the cause of the economically disadvantaged sections of the society.

For more details regarding our CSR Policy, please see below:

Chevron Clinical Lab CSR Policy

Chevron Clinical Lab CSR Manual