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From the MD’s Desk

From MD's Desk

As a fresh graduate from medical college who lived through the traumatic times of our liberation war and the great famine, witnessing the loss of precious life and our helpnesses due to lack of proper medical facilities compelled me to embark on a journey to find healthcare solution for our community.

When Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd was incorporated in 1984, I knew well and truly that we were too far ahead for Bangladesh. But I believed the introduction of an integrated computerized diagnostic laboratory is the solution and will act as a catalyst to elevate the overall medical standard of our nation.

Today, after more than three decades of operating in the Diagnostic Field, it gives me immense pleasure to realize that we not only did live up to our objective of catering to the medical needs of the society, but also played a crucial role in shaping the modern medical of Bangladesh.

The word transformation, by its very nature, indicates a profound change, a metamorphosis from one state to another. Such a process cannot be rapid or finite—it is a product of seeing, learning, understanding and development. Our evolution has been no different. Over the past three and half decades, we have begun to see more clearly the lacunae in the existing healthcare system; learn how these chasms can be filled; understand what the communities we serve need from us, and develop in tandem with these needs and expectations.

Powering this growth has been a confluence of the finest medical talent-available during critical hours owing to our specialist system-and state-of-the-art technology, with a host of Bangladeshi and regional firsts. For instance, we recently installed 3 Tesla MRI, in Bangladesh for the first time. Indeed, across the board, our sub-speciality departments have consistently raised the bar in terms of diagnostics and treatment and delivered world-class outcomes, benchmarked to the finest medical institutions in the region, enabling us to become a destination of choice for healthcare seekers in the nation.

From a humble investment of 1.5 crore BDT to a concern worth over 240 crores BDT, or from a single entity to a nexus with 10 outreach centers strategically located across the Greater Chittagong Division, the meteoric rise of Chevron resonates the fortitude of our long-term business perspective and communicates our sincerity towards our audience.

An institution embedded with a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, we feel much obliged that we could become a one-stop medical center and contribute to uplift the welfare of the society and in doing so, left our imprint on the sands of time.

Going forward, impelled by commitment, not commerce, driven by passion and purpose, not profit, we pledge to intensify our efforts to promote health, spread hope and enrich humanity.

Dr. A. A. Ghulam Murtaza,

Managing Director,

Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd.