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Corporate Social Responsibility Manual




Nature & Purpose of Chevron Corporate Governance Policy:

Chevron policies are developed to provide guidelines that it has found to be appropriate in line with conducting Fair business practices and in line with the interest of the stakeholders, society & environment, customers and the employees; thereby adhering to both International and Bangladesh laws and regulations.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy:

In providing the best service, Chevron is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible manner, ensuring adherence to fair business ethics, legality, and safety. Chevron proactively supports initiatives leading to the well-being of the community and environment, while striving toward highest standard of professionalism.

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility:

As a market leader in the Diagnostic Field, Chevron aims to instill Corporate Social Responsibility in every aspect of its operations and promote it. Identification and engagement of stakeholder at various levels is pivotal to the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSRP) of Chevron which is publicized through the official webpage of Chevron. Chevron commits itself to the basic principles of human rights, to respect for human dignity as laid down in the International Bill of Human Rights (UNDHR, Civil and Social Covenant) and the Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the basic principles of environmental protection. Bangladesh legal regulations which are more stringent than this standard shall apply in all cases.


Stakeholders Identification & Engagement:

Chevron drives to develop a balanced and amicable stakeholder relationship with a long-term approach based on the strong stakeholder trust by identifying key stakeholders, analyzing key interest and impact of the stakeholder group and leveraging the analysis results for its business, addressing a range of stakeholder concerns in a responsible manner and improving transparency and productivity of its business on a sustained basis.

Accountability, Transparency and Respect for Stakeholders:

Chevron aims to thrive in the direction of infusing every aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility in the culture of the organization including transparency and respect towards all the stakeholders. Chevron is committed to behaving in a transparent and ethical manner ensuring we follow an effective approach that helps protect the long-term success of society and the environment.

Chevron’s commitment towards conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Performance Appraisals, abiding by the Fair and Ethical operating practices, Other Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and ensuring all parties related understand their roles and responsibilities are key indicators explaining the transparency and respect for the Stakeholders. The organizations full flagged website allows all the concerned parties to understand Chevron’s vision, mission, and values.


CSR Committee Functionality:

Chevron aims to incorporate an established and focused CSR Committee responsible for mapping out CSR strategies and measuring key performances. The CSR Committee cuts across all corporate and operational units throughout the organization.

It initiates, drives and monitors various aspects of CSR best practices, ensuring that that they are integrated into the business operations and complement corporate and social objectives; along with catering towards serving the society as a whole.

The CSR Committee comes under the direct supervision of the Managing Director of the company; demonstrating commitment and involvement from the Top Management. 

CSR Objectives:

Societal & Community Objectives:

To establish effective partnerships with charitable groups and other stakeholders that share organizations drive and allows us to make a difference by exhibiting Chevron’s knowledge in the sphere of influence and support to help people and society. Chevron further seeks to integrate vendors and other stakeholders into its programs.

Chevron’s priorities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Offering free diagnostic services to the extremely poor and the needy in selective cases.
  • Active participation in Government and NGO driven initiatives during national crisis.
  • Affiliating with various NGOs and providing special discounts to their audience.
  • Providing discounts to the clients representing the lower strata of the society.
  • Special discounts offered to physically and mentally challenge clients.
  • Free medical eye camps for the less fortunate member of the society.
  • Nominal charge for clients directed by WHO for the treatment of malaria.
  • Donations are provided to charity organizations, NGOs, etc.
  • Special discounts offered to students. 

Workplace Health & Safety Objectives:

Chevron aims to reinforce the robust approach towards Occupational Health and Safety throughout the Company, consistent with the organization’s structures and business processes. Chevron’s goal is to proactively support the health and wellbeing of the employees and all related personnel’s. There is a documented safety and prevention policy in case of occupational accidents and information about such risks are disseminated and adequate training provided.

Employee Objectives:

We ensure to deliver the commitment to equality of opportunities across the employment practices, policies and procedures and to bring benefit to the stakeholders and the communities in which we work. Through diversity, we aim to ensure that changes are recognized, understood and valued thereby upholding effective grievance communication methodology. The UN Global Compact Labor Standards are strictly adhered to and privacy of the employee is strictly maintained. There is a special policy on opportunities for youths, and hand-on-experience. Further, free medical treatment is provided to the employees and discount is provided for the immediate family. Employees also enjoy provident life fund and life insurance coverage. The employees’ family is also taken into consideration. 

Quality Objectives:

Chevron’s aim has always been to provide quality healthcare services. For strict commitment to total quality management for over 03 decades, Chevron received the award of “International Star Award for Quality” in Gold Category from Business Initiative Directions adhering to QC100 Total Quality Model. The commitment to quality is complemented by the performance of the medical practitioners, technicians of various departments, non-clinical supporting services and corporate governance.

The vicinity of the organization is also taken into consideration in an effort to maintain the quality by making it aesthetically pleasing, clean, odor and noise free, adequate space for parking of vehicles, and minimizing safety risks. The ultimate goal is to achieve a total customer satisfaction and maintaining an ill Health free organization providing accurate diagnostic screening results as Accuracy is Chevron’s hallmark. 

Supply Chain Objectives:

Chevron is a leading regional Diagnostic Centre. We have built this success and reputation through partnering with esteemed stakeholders. Emphasis has always been placed to procure only the best quality equipment and reagents.

The objectives include but not limited to build a reputation for ethical and sustainable sourcing in the framework of supply chain and to improve and ensure that human rights within the supply chain process are respected and promoted consistently thereby maintaining overall supply chain integrity.

Clients Objectives:

Chevron aims to always deliver total customer satisfaction by emphasizing upon the needs the comfort of the clients. The clients objectives have been established bearing in mind Consumer Right Protection Act 2009, enacted by Government of Bangladesh.

The rights of clients in Chevron include but are not limited to the following:

  • Right to have access to all relevant information of the services provided from the Information Counter or Patient Relation Officers.
  • Right to have access to all relevant information of the doctors from the Doctor’s Information Counter.
  • Right to enquire about the medical packages issued by Chevron from the Medical Package Counter.
  • Right to privileged treatment from the Special Needs Counter such as wheelchair with pullers for physically handicapped patients and for patients 60 years and above.
  • Right to priority treatment from the Emergency Counter for Emergency service charge to address issues which are of urgent nature.
  • Right to ask for assistance from the Patient Relation Officers and Customer Service Attendants.
  • Right to have access to instruction sheet for specific diagnostic screening such as Ultrasonography, Endoscopy, X-Ray, MRI Scan and CT Scan.
  • Right to various forms of compensation as deemed appropriate by the management for misinformation provided regarding diagnostic screening procedures.
  • Right to both verbal complain to the Head Patient Relation Officer and written complain in the Complain Log Book in instance of inappropriate behavior from staff, demanding bribery and delayed service provided.
  • Right to participate in the Customer Feedback Survey.
  • Right to receive receipt for payment made.

Further, in order to ensure that decorum of the vicinity is maintained and everyone enjoys a comforting experience, the clients of Chevron are requested to maintain the following rules:

  • Clients are requested at all time to please ask for assistance only from employees wearing the dress code of chevron, carrying the ID card and the name badge.
  • Clients are requested to behave properly with the staff of Chevron and refrain from using foul language and yelling. They have the right to both verbal complain to the Head Patient Relation Officer and written complain in the Complain Log Book for inappropriate behavior from staff or unsatisfactory service provided.
  • Special Needs and Emergency clients will be given priority depending upon the nature of urgency and needs deemed fit by the management. Such clients are not exempted from code of conduct at any point.
  • Clients are requested to always maintain their serial and not to break line. Offering of bribery to allow them to break the queue is strictly prohibited.
  • Threatening a staff for conducting their duty is a criminal offence, punishable by law.
  • Clients are requested to strictly follow the instructions provided before specific diagnostic screenings such as Ultrasonography, Endoscopy, X-Ray, MRI Scan and CT Scan. Failure of following the instructions may lead to delay in conducting the tests to ensure safety and accuracy of the diagnostic screening.
  • Clients are obligated to sign the consent letter for specific diagnostic screening such as ETT, Bronchoscopy, 24 Hour B.P Monitor and 24 Hour Hauler.
  • Chevron is a smoke free organization. Clients are requested to please smoke outside the campus of Chevron. Fine of BDT.500 can be imposed if caught smoking within the vicinity.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the vicinity is a part of duty of the clients and are requested not to liter the area or spit without garbage bins. Fine of BDT.100 can be imposed for littering and BDT.500 imposed for spitting. 

Environmental Objectives:

Chevron strengthens its Environmental structure following the guidelines set out by Director General of Health Ministry of Bangladesh and Chittagong City Corporation compliances. Chevron’s strong corporate QHSE system enables agile and efficient management of resources. The organization’s efficient treatment of toxic wastes and poisonous residues ensure environmental friendly disposal of waste.

Objective for sustainable sourcing in the framework of supply chain ensures procurement of sustainable resources from suppliers along with ensuring effective communication of appropriate usage instructions to the technicians. Chevron has made it a policy to give preference to less-pollutant technologies.

Chevron ensures Environmental awareness amongst all personnel’s; thereby adhering to the environmental policy to prevent pollution and obey the law. Chevron also incorporates a procedure in place to identify the various environmental aspects and their impacts; playing a prominent role in serving the environment and the community. The objectives are aligned in a manner to achieve environmental friendly goals.


Chevron complies with legal requirements in jurisdictions of Bangladesh. The organization respects international norms of behavior; thereby assuring fair and ethical code of conduct is followed.

Chevron ensures that its relationships with all the stakeholders and activities comply with the intended and applicable legal and commercial framework of Bangladesh. The Legal compliance procedure ensures keeping the organization updated with all legal obligations, thereby conducting periodic review of the compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Chevron practices fair and transparent ethics management and does not encourage lobbying. The organization’s Code of Conduct is centered on the Code of Ethics including ethical attitude of employees, the responsibility towards the employees, business partners, customers, shareholders and the community.

Based on the Code of Ethics, Chevron has implemented guidelines for ethics & compliance and following Fair trade practices, which is clearly reflected in the HR policy. The Code of Conduct also stipulates the obligations and responsibilities for ethics & compliance, in accordance with the applicable laws.


Employee Policy:

Chevron passionately believes that employees are the most valued assets. We trust, inspire, and empower our employees to set and achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals; working together towards accomplishing our vision.

Chevron aims to accomplish its business goals while fulfilling its responsibilities and code of conduct. The employee objective defines the human rights duties towards our employees complying with the principles of the UN Global Compact Labor Standards. The Human Resource Procedure manual has been developed to guide the actions & govern the rights of the employee ranging from parameters related to Recruitment, Employee Appraisals, Compensation and Benefits, Monetary Increase, Employee Promotion and Transfer, Employee Leaves (Contractual, Compassionate, Hajj, Maternity, sick etc), Business Travel, Training and Development, conclusion of Services, Employee Relations (Grievance Handling / Discipline), and all other Administrative services (Maintenance, Security, etc). Chevron ensure embedding Ethical behavioral conduct in its culture; thereby avoiding any kinds of complicity and discrimination activities

Supplier Policy:

All suppliers must sign the Code of Conduct as part of their contracts with Chevron requiring for the suppliers to provide good quality materials, safe and healthy working conditions, use fair hiring practices, treat their workers and employees with dignity and respect, and adhere to environmentally responsible and ethical practices. Suppliers must require other sub-contractors working on their behalf to accept the Code of Conduct of Chevron. Chevron intends to cultivate a long term relationship with the suppliers and thus request all vendors to observe the rules and regulations of Chevron.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy:

Chevron aims to provide a safe and healthy workplace, adopting effective measures to prevent potential accidents and injuries as health and safety of our employees and clients is our paramount concern. Chevron has developed the following high-level health and safety policy, which underpins all of our operational health and safety policies:

(a) General Statement: The Executive Committee of Chevron is committed to ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all of its employees at work and also the safety of clients and others.

(b) This policy seeks continuous improvement and compliance with legislation, having proper regard to the protection of people, premises, property and the environment. It is based upon the principles that:

– All injuries can be prevented

– The goal is zero injuries

– Safety is the responsibility of all employees

– Working safely is a condition of employment

– Staff is given appropriate information, instruction and training

– Adequate supervision is provided to ensure compliance with policies and safe systems of work.

– All other legal and statutory duties on health and safety incumbent upon Chevron are complied with in all their operations and locations. 

Clients Policy: 

Chevron is committed to providing safe and reliable, value for money, high quality and accurate, consistent service to the clients. Chevron will act in accordance with fair business, marketing and advertising practices and take all reasonable steps to ensure the quality of our services.

 Respect the human rights of our clients – our security and revenue protection arrangements are consistent with international standards for law enforcement.

 Provide transparent and effective procedures that address clients complaints and contribute to fair and timely resolution of disputes without undue cost or burden.

 No making of representations or omissions or engaging in any other practices that are deceptive, misleading, fraudulent or unfair.

 Respect clients’ privacy and provide protection for personal data in accordance with the relevant local law. 

Quality Policy:

Chevron aims to instill quality in every aspect of its operation. Acting upon our motto “Accuracy is our Hallmark”, Chevron goes through rigid quality control performing 03 level quality assurance analyses for all diagnostic procedures. Chevron has been working relentlessly for the last 03 decades to ensure a total quality management and the efforts are resonated by the “International Star Award for Quality” in Gold Category which Chevron received from Business Initiative Directions adhering to QC100 Total Quality Model. The commitment to diagnostic quality is further complemented by procurement of best quality equipments and reagents, performance of the medical practitioners who participate in various global conferences and workshops to enhance their skills, technicians of all the departments who participate in various global workshops to enhance their skills, non-clinical supporting services who are provided periodic in-house training to enhance their skills and efficient corporate governance.

The vicinity of the organization is also taken into consideration in an effort to maintain the quality by making it aesthetically pleasing, clean, odor and noise free, with adequate space for parking of vehicles, and minimizing safety risks.

Community Policy:

Our relation with the local community we serve is very important to us and is an essential part in the growth of our business. When developing our services, we have a role to play in improving services for the community as a whole and not just our clients. Through our community strategy, we therefore engage with the community at a range of levels as clients, neighbors, potential employees, businesses and industries. Through our community strategy, we seek to play our part in promoting socially inclusive policies, encouraging the young and disadvantaged and helping older members of the community and the disabled. In line with our core values, our community strategy incorporates the following elements:

– Engagement with the local communities in which we operate on the quality of our services and any changes to those services

– Working with local authorities, businesses and other interested parties to promote echo friendly quality services

– Offering employment opportunities to all the sectors of community through non-discriminatory policies

– Promoting engagement between our staff and community

– Supporting local community groups and charities

– Improving the environment in and around our operations

– Promoting broader opportunities for workplace learning.

Environment Policy:

Chevron works in close alliance with the Director General Health Ministry to ensure our operations do not adversely affect the environment is any way. We also associate with the Chittagong City Corporation concern authority to effectively dispose our environmentally hazardous waste through incineration and pit dumping methods. Hence our policy is to abide by the legal requirements prevailing in Bangladesh and other requirements to which Chevron subscribes and protect the environment from pollution and damages. We strive to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance. We are committed to:

– Preventing radiation hazardous and reducing the overall impact of our operations on the environment.

– Designating each department supervisor for the management of environmental issues within their department which includes clearly defined responsibilities for environmental management capable of delivering this policy commitment.

– Complying with, and where possible exceeding applicable legal and other requirements relating to the organization.

– Monitoring our environmental performance and setting objectives and targets for improvement.

– Providing appropriate training and awareness programmes for our staff.