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Our History

Chevron has been in business since the 1980s. Our unique heritage shapes the way we do business today.

Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd was incorporated on 22nd February, 1984 and commenced operation as the country’s sole integrated investigative laboratory on 16th May, 1984. It was a pioneering venture in the field of integrated and automated diagnostics in Bangladesh.

The founding member and the Immediate Past Managing Director, Late Dr. A. A. Ghulam Murtaza alongside his team established the institution with the sole objective of finding a healthcare solution for the Chittagong community. The loss of precious life and the helplessness during the traumatic times of the liberation war followed by the great famine because of lack of proper medical facilities compelled them to embark on the journey of catering to the medical needs of the society.

The pathway to success for Chevron was rugged and tortuous. The traditional viewpoint of the medical community was a serious impediment to progress of Chevron as it had to tackle the confusion of the doctors and the hesitancy of the medical audience. The founding members of Chevron understood that establishing the institution among the mass will take time as it was built upon the blue print of Singaporean Diagnostic Standard. Through the entire 1980s, Chevron operated at an annual loss of 50,000 USD.

From 1984 till 2004, Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd was quartered at Hillview Residential Area, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Presently, Afmi Plaza Shopping Complex is established there. But the growing needs of the medical community and patients of the Greater Chittagong Division prompted Chevron to move to bigger quarters in order to expand their radius of operation and living up to the pressing demand of increased patients inflow and diagnostic screening. From 2005, Chevron has been operating at 12/12 O.R Nizam, Panchlaish, Chittagong.

After 32 years of operating in the Diagnostic Field, it gives us immense pleasure to realize that we not only did live up to our objective of catering to the medical needs of the society, but we also acted as a catalyst to elevate the overall medical standard of the nation and played a crucial role in shaping the face of modern healthcare delivery of Bangladesh.

From a humble investment of 200,000.00 USD to a concern worth over 30 million USD as per our financial reports of June, 2016 or from a single entity to a nexus with 10 outreach centers strategically located across the Greater Chittagong division, the long-sustained and steady rise of Chevron resonates the fortitude of our long term business perspective and communicates our sincerity towards our community.