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Business Initiative Directions (BID) is regarded today as the most effective and cost efficient organization working globally in the promotion and practical application of the Total Quality Management Models. In fact, it was BID’s CEO, José E. Prieto, who, together with a team of engineers, mathematicians, economists, sociologists and journalists who designed the QC100 total quality model, creating what is considered by many as the most comprehensive and effective tool for quality management in existence today. The primary mission of BID is to recognize, educate and promote quality culture among leaders of prominent companies and organizations. The founder of BID established the institution in the year 1986, headquartering in Spain and U.S.A.

Since 1986, companies in 179 countries around the world have implemented the technology of the BID QC 100 Model in order to manage total quality. BID began its operation in Paris, beacon of European Development and slowly spread to Geneva; headquarters for United Nations, Frankfurt; German Metropolis and laboratory for Europe’s technological development and lastly, London; the hub of world finance. After consolidation in Europe, the directors of BID chose New York as its launching point in U.S.A in order to meet increasing demand to provide U.S point of reference for business and professional endeavors.

Presently, BID holds 07 annual Quality Conferences, and in 2015 announced a groundbreaking agreement between BID Group One and Universidad Politecnica De Madrid to produce a series of seminars on topics of mutual interest in Europe and United States.

BID does its part every year by promoting, producing and sponsoring conferences, seminars, publications and awards which highlight the ideas and accomplishments of those leaders that relate to the implementation of Total Quality Management. BID leadership as global reference in the promotion of the Quality Culture, is reinforced and reestablished every year, through special awards, designed to recognize the enormous effort put into play by the companies and institutions, leaders of their own fields, into the establishment and execution of Total Quality Models. These are the companies and organizations that in the end have become spearheads for industry, setting the parameters for excellence.

On 18th of September, 2016, Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd received the “International Star Award for Quality” in the Gold Category in Geneva International Star for Quality Seminar organized by Business Initiative Directions. Chevron was recognized for total commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation in pursuit of excellence. The Founder and present Managing Director, Dr.Ali Ahmed Ghulam Murtaza (Harun) received the award as a quality leader in representation of Chevron at the Intercontinental Geneva Conference Hall, from the President of BID, Jose.E.Prieto.

By receiving the award, Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd makes Total Quality Management a core focus for continuous improvement in order to maintain the leadership in its sector and community. Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd has become an example of perseverance in the field of quality.

Some of the other Notable Recipients of the Award: ICICI Bank (India), NCR Corporation India Pvt Ltd (India), Gulf Star Group (Qatar), TATA Elxsi (India), Hong Yuen Electronics Ltd (Hong Kong), ArcelorMittal (U.S.A), Reliance Infrastructure Ltd (India), Indian Oil Corporation (India), ING Funds Co Ltd (Thailand).