Opening Hours: Every Day 7 AM – 10:30 PM

Hotline: : 01755 666969, 01713 487903  | Doctor Info : 01756 203720, 01713 487901 & 01755 666 956

At present, Chevron portfolio includes Clinical Laboratory Management, Healthcare Technical Services, Diagnostic Modality Development and Commissioning, Specialist Physician Consultation Services, modern Eye Hospital and Research Center, State-of-the-art Infertility treatment centre and many more.

The company at present handles over 60% of the total laboratory tests and screening procedures performed in Chittagong. The remaining laboratories are also dependent upon Chevron for many of their own tests. The long experience in the diagnostic sector, backed by reputation and human resources inevitably meets the pressing demand from the medical community and patients in greater Chittagong division.

Chevron has been known as a reliable and pioneering provider of high-tech solutions to the healthcare industry for over 32 years. With an innovation-driven culture, we distinguish ourselves by our capacity to introduce and develop innovative diagnostic practices and services that make the core of our solutions. This major competitive advantage sets ourselves apart from other providers and takes our products and services to the next level.