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Our Associates

At Chevron, we believe our associates are our greatest competitive advantage.

We work closely with a number of different health-care product and service providers that have the same aim as us – to promote overa-ll welfare of our clients.

The following vendors and associates work with us regularly.

Siemens Healthineers

Siemens AG is a German Company headquartered in Berlin and Munich. It was established in 1847 and over the years evolved to become one of the largest engineering companies with a worldwide distribution network.

The principal divisions of the company are Industry, Energy, Infrastructure & Cities and lastly, Healthcare. Siemens is a prominent maker of medical diagnostics equipment and its medical health-care division generates approximately 12% of the company’s total sales, being the second most profitable unit.

Siemens Healthineers is a medical technological company headquartered in Erlangen, Germany. The company dates its early beginning to 1847. Siemens Healthineers provides a wide range of medical devices and products: Point of Care Diagnostics, Laboratory Diagnostics, Diagnostics Imaging, Ultrasound, Advanced Therapies, and Services. As a leading global healthcare company, Siemens continuously looks to develop their portfolio and is passionate about enabling healthcare providers worldwide to deliver high-quality patient care.

The association of Siemens with Bangladesh can be dated back to 1956. Siemens Bangladesh is a 100% subsidiary company of Siemens AG, Germany. Siemens made their presence in the Greater Chittagong Division through Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd as we are their first and still the biggest client in whole Chittagong Division.

General Electric Healthcare

General Electric is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in New York, and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. As of 2016, the company operates through the following segments: Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation and Capital which caters to the need of the Financial services, Medical devices, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Automotives, Software Development and Engineering Industries. The Nobel Prize has been twice awarded to employees of General Electric: Irving Langmuir in 1932 and Ivar Giaever in 1973.

General Electric Healthcare was founded in 2004 and is a subsidiary of General Electric. It was formerly headquartered in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom and in early 2016 shifted to Chicago. The subsidiary provides medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceuticals manufacturing technologies and performance solutions services. GE Healthcare consists of 09 primary business units.

GE Healthcare is still penetrating into the Bangladeshi market and its business in the domain growing at a rapid rate. Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd has played a significant role as we have maintained a long-term positive relation with the corporation.


Royal Philips is a Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam with primary divisions focused in areas of Electronics, Healthcare and Lightning. It was founded in 1891 and is one of the largest Electronics Company in the world. Philips is organized into 03 main divisions: Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Healthcare and Philips Lightning.

Philips boasts a wide range of Healthcare products ranging from Clinical Informatics, Imaging System, Diagnostic Monitoring, Defibrillators, and Patient Care and Clinical Informatics. Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd has maintained a long lasting relation with Philips.

Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Inc. is an American company that makes Biomedical Laboratory Instruments. It was founded by Caltech professor, Arnold.O.Beckman in 1935. Its current headquarters are in Brea, California. It is completely dedicated to Medical Line and Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd purchases Beckman Coulter for Immunochemistry System, Hematology, and Flow Cytometers.

Abbot Laboratories

Abbot Laboratories is an American worldwide healthcare company operating in more than 150 countries. The company headquarters in Lake Bluff, Illinois. Abbott has a broad range of branded generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and nutrition products. The company’s in-vitro diagnostics business performs immunoassays and blood screening. Its medical tests and diagnostic instrument systems are used worldwide to diagnose and monitor diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, Cancer, Heart Failure, and Metabolic Disorders, as well as assess indicators of health. Chevron Clinical Laboratory uses products of Abbott to strengthen the quality of the diagnostic screenings.

Hoffman La-Roche

Roche is a Swiss multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide under 02 divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. The company headquarters are located in Basel and the company has many pharmaceutical and diagnostic sites around the world. There are 26 manufacturing sites of Roche in different countries. They are a full member of Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). Roche is a significant supplier of medical equipment in Chevron Clinical Laboratory.


Sysmex is a Japanese company headquartered in Kobe. Founded on 20th February, 1969, Sysmex is engaged in the health care business, mainly involved with Haematology analyzers. Their product range includes XN, XT, XE, XS, K and finally HTC & Alpha series which is renowned to be one of the best among Diagnostic Centers. Chevron Clinical Laboratory also uses the Sysmex equipments for the Haematology department.


Olympus Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products. It was established on 12th October, 1919. The product category of Olympus includes Precision Machineries and Instruments, Cameras, Voice Recorders, Medical Endoscopes and other Medical devices, Face cream and Tupperware.

Olympus manufactures Endoscopic, Ultrasound, Electrocautery, Endotherapy, and cleaning and disinfection equipments. The first flexible Endoscope in the world was co-developed and manufactured by Olympus in Tokyo, Japan. Through its comprehensive product range and its reactivity to market innovations, Olympus had made a name of itself in gastro-intestinal endoscopes. Now, Olympus is aiming to manufacture new surgical endoscopes with 4K resolution and 3D capability in joint venture with Sony. Due to the heritage Olympus enjoys specifically in Endoscopes, Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte) Ltd prefers to use their machine for Endoscopy.


Fujifilm Holdings Corporation or simply known as Fuji is a Japanese multinational photography and imaging company headquartered in Tokyo. It was established in 1934 and their principal activities are the development, production, sale and servicing of business document solutions, medical imaging and diagnostics equipments, cosmetics, optical films for flat panel displays, optical devices, photocopiers and printers, digital cameras, color film, color paper, photofinishing equipment, photofinishing chemicals, graphics arts equipments and materials.

In medical diagnostics, Fuji is famous for Digital X-Ray, Digital Mammography and Computed Radiography devices. Furthermore, they also manufacture Synapse Radiology PACS, Synapse Cardiovascular PACS, and Synapse RIS.


Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises of numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the brand Samsung. It was founded by Lee Byung-Chui in 1938 as a trading company which over the next 03 decades diverse into food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. Samsung entered the electronic industry in the late 1960s.

In December 2010, Samsung Electronics acquired Medison Co; a South Korean medical equipment company as their first step into long-discussed plan to diversify from consumer electronics. Samsung produces ultrasound models.