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Chevron has launches new Hajj Package 2023

Chevron Clinical Laboratory is happy to announce the availability of its new hajj package, which costs only 1000 tk. For those preparing to make the Hajj pilgrimage, the package comprises a number of medical examinations and testing.

To make sure the pilgrims are healthy and prepared for the demanding trek, the hajj package includes blood testing, urine tests, and other examinations.

Chevron Clinical Laboratory created this package to meet the demands of the pilgrims since it recognises the significance of health and safety during the Hajj journey. Chevron wants to make sure that pilgrims enjoy a hassle-free and healthful journey by offering this package.

All offices of Chevron Clinical Laboratory now offer the hajj package. Visit any of the laboratory branches to make reservations. Chevron Clinical Laboratory is pleased to provide this new hajj package to the community as part of its commitment to offering high-quality healthcare services at a fair price.

Test Includes: