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Chevron Clinical Lab Introduces Comprehensive Health Checkup

As the winter season approaches, it brings with it a unique set of health challenges. The colder temperatures, coupled with reduced sunlight, can have varying effects on our health. In light of this, Chevron Clinical Lab is excited to announce its Winter Health Checkup Package, designed to ensure that you stay in optimal health throughout the winter months.

Our Winter Health Checkup Package:

For only 4000 Taka, Chevron Clinical Lab offers a comprehensive Winter Health Checkup Package that covers a range of vital health parameters. This all-inclusive package includes the following key tests:

  1. Complete Blood Count (CBC): A crucial test to assess overall health by examining red and white blood cell counts, hemoglobin levels, and platelet count.
  2. Random Blood Sugar: Monitoring blood sugar levels helps identify any potential issues related to diabetes, a condition that can be exacerbated during the winter season.
  3. Serum Calcium: Essential for bone health and muscle function, serum calcium levels are particularly important in colder months when outdoor activities may be limited.
  4. Serum Albumin: An indicator of nutritional status, serum albumin levels are assessed to ensure proper protein intake and overall well-being.
  5. Serum Creatinine: A test to evaluate kidney function by measuring the levels of creatinine in the blood.
  6. Serum Electrolytes: Monitoring electrolyte levels is crucial for maintaining the balance of essential minerals in the body, especially during the winter when dehydration can be a concern.
  7. Serum Total Protein: An important marker for overall health, measuring serum total protein helps assess nutritional status and liver function.
  8. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN): BUN levels are checked to evaluate kidney function and assess how well the kidneys are filtering waste from the body.
  9. Lung Function Test: Especially relevant during the winter months, this test evaluates respiratory function, helping to detect any potential issues early on.
  10. Urine R/M/E (Routine/Microscopic/Examination): A thorough examination of urine to detect abnormalities or infections in the urinary system.
  11. X-Ray Chest: An essential diagnostic tool to examine the lungs and detect any abnormalities or infections.
  12. Electrocardiogram (ECG): A test that records the electrical activity of the heart, providing valuable insights into heart health.

Why Choose Chevron Clinical Lab?

At Chevron Clinical Lab, we prioritize your health and well-being. Our Winter Health Checkup Package is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your health status, allowing for early detection of potential issues and timely intervention. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced medical professionals ensure accurate and reliable results.

How to Avail the Package:

Availing the Winter Health Checkup Package at Chevron Clinical Lab is simple. Visit our clinic at [Address], or call [Phone Number] to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and professional staff will guide you through the process and ensure a smooth experience.


Winter is a season to be enjoyed, and ensuring good health is the key to making the most of it. With Chevron Clinical Lab’s Winter Health Checkup Package, you can take proactive steps to safeguard your well-being. Invest in your health today, and embrace the winter season with confidence and vitality.